ABSA Instant Loan

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ABSA Instant Loan is the loan payable shortly is not a long term loan is a loan taken instantly and paid shortly you can take a minimum of a loan from R250 up to R3 000 with a maximum repayment of 35 days but this services is available to selected savings and cheque accounts to apply is for a ABSA Instant Loan is simple.

How to apply

To apply for a ABSA Instant loan you can apply online or visit your nearest branch to apply for a Instant Loan.

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To apply for a ABSA Instant Loan you need to have a savings or cheque account or a non ABSA customer you need to be 18 years, have latest bank statement and payslips with proof of residence then you can apply.

What does the ABSA Instant Loan offer

The ABSA Instant Loan offer loans from R250 up to R3 000 with repayment months of up to 35 with low interest rates and easy repayment periods is easy to apply for ABSA Instant Loan.

Contact details

Call: 0860 100 372 or Website:www.absa.co.za

ABSA Instant Loan

ABSA Instant Loan

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