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Finchoice understands that life is difficult and challenging when you do not have money, so they are giving you a change to make thing easy in your life by giving you personal loans that are perfect for your needs.

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Finchoice Type of Loans

With Finchoice you are spoilt with choices when you takeout a personal loan with them. They have KwikAdvance this loan is for existing customer just incase they want to top up their loan with a maximum amount of R2 500, 6 month
Flexi loan which has a maximum amount of R8 000, 12 month personal loan with a maximum amount of R26 000, 24 month
personal loan with a maximum amount of R26 000 as well but contains unique benefits from 12 month personal loan.


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What is Finchoice mobi

Its mobile platform used by finchoice customers to access and manage their loan account from your cell phone 24/7.


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